A Breakdown Of The Aesthetics And Fashion Of Taylor Swift's Album "Midnights" | Grazia India (2024)

The unmissable theme for Midnights is the ‘70s nostalgia.

Taylor Swift did it again- and it’s better than ever. Well, every time the singer-songwriter releases a new music album, she strikes a chord so deep that we can’t help but cry our hearts out at the relatability scale. And this time with Midnights, Swift has not only managed to address her inner demons but also scintillated a sparkler of hope and acceptance for millions around the globe. She has returned with some new music for fans after a brief hiatus of re-recording her albums, and so has begun a new aesthetic era for the singer.

During the span of 16 years of her career, Swift has constantly reinvented her image, and that includes her fashion aesthetics. As she debuted with her self-titled album back in 2006, we were introduced to the singer as a small-town country girl, with bouncy curls and playful sundresses, singing about youthful love and high school romance. With Fearless and Speak Now, she adopted some theatricals for her videos, still staying true to her country roots.

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Red era began to show her love for everything vintage, and she grew out of her innocent girl image with the trope of scarlet lips. 1989 started off her 80s pop goth era, and then with Reputation, we saw a Swift aesthetic that screams femme fatale with her dark lips and snake motifs. Lover era was drastically different from her previous ones, as pastels, butterflies and everything rosy replaced the dark tones. folklore and Evermore marked Swift’s indie era, with cottagecore and escapism as her prevalent themes, using fictional characters to weave out stories.

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With folklore and Evermore, Taylor Swift shifted her public image from being manipulative and heartbroken to that of a pure artist and storyteller. And Midnights looks like the pinnacle of the journey to self-discovery, where Swift peers into her soul and revisits her past in a positive light. After having used fictional characters for telling tales of love in the previous two albums, Taylor Swift is back with her personal tone for songwriting. In a release, she said, “This is a collection of music written in the middle of the night, a journey through terrors and sweet dreams.”

The unmissable theme for Midnights is the ‘70s nostalgia, and it plays out in her music videos, Instagram shout-outs and promotional event ensembles. At the VMAs this year, she surprised everyone with the announcement of this 10th studio album, which was released on October 21. Even her outfit for the event was an easter egg for her album aesthetic, as she arrived all ‘bejewelled’ in a rhinestone-studded Oscar de la Renta.

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The mood for the album goes from an autumnal cozy palette to shimmery glam, all the while staying in the 70s fashion. In the Midnights teaser, the silhouettes included shrunken polos, cosy knits, neutral wide-legged trousers, dazzling lingerie, faux fur stole and diamond jewellery. Armed with a vintage aesthetic, Swift is giving off retro-glam vibes in this era.

The good ol’ Hollywood pizzazz of the swinging ‘70s can be easily noted in her music video for the song Bejeweled. While the video began with a comic take on the fairytale of Cinderella, with the aesthetic inspired by her previous albums folklore and evermore, the rest of the song is about Swift’s self-recognition, exuding sexy glitz and charm surrounded by diamonds and crystals.

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The fantastical tale of facing one’s inner demons and past ghosts is the recurring theme in the song Anti-Hero, which has been imaginatively played out in the music video. Channelling sharp fall energy, the old-fashioned setting had acoustic guitars, rotary telephones, and the old house charm, with Swift’s egos and alter-egos donning pieces like houndstooth polo sweater, ribbed knit trousers, sequinned bodysuit and high snake print boots.

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A very retro, 70s vibe can also be spotted on the four vinyl covers Taylor Swift launched ahead of the album release. Named Moonstone Blue, Jade Green, Blood Moon, and Mahogany editions respectively, the art has the singer in various spirits of autumnal-hued 70s.

Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album, #Midnights, now has four editions of vinyls available for pre-order: Moonstone Blue, Jade Green, Blood Moon, and Mahogany.

Purchase here: https://t.co/tVqosE3tS4 pic.twitter.com/rQAlAcouif

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Swift has never failed to express her life’s trajectory and reinvention of herself via fashion throughout her career, and Midnights has explored her journey of finding herself in the purest form.

A Breakdown Of The Aesthetics And Fashion Of Taylor Swift's Album "Midnights" | Grazia India (2024)
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