Questions and Answers ~ pixeldrain (2024)

For how long will my files be stored?

Files will be removed if they have not been viewed for 120 days. A view iscounted when someone visits the file’s download page ( views the file through a list the file is included in(

If you upload a file while logged into your pixeldrain account you will be ableto delete the file yourself from the download page of the file. If you are notlogged in and you accidentally upload something you shouldn’t have, just don’tshare the link. The file will expire eventually. File links are not indexed orpublished anywhere. As long as you don’t share it nobody will see it.

What cookies does pixeldrain use?

When logging in to a pixeldrain account a cookie named ‘pd_auth_key’ will beinstalled. This cookie keeps your login session active. When you delete it youwill be logged out of your account.

When you use the style selector on the Appearance page a cookiecalled ‘style’ will be set. This cookie controls the appearance of the websitefor you.

When uploading a file pixeldrain will save a list of file links on yourbrowser’s local storage. This data is only used for viewing your uploadhistory on the history page.

How does the transfer limit work?

Pixeldrain has two kinds of transfer limit, the free limit for users without asubscription and the premium limit for users with a subscription.


The free limit tracks how much you have downloaded from pixeldrain in the last24 hours from now. The limit is not per day, instead it just keeps track ofwhen you downloaded something and if it was less than 24 hours ago it countstowards your limit. In technical terms this is called a ‘Sliding windowalgorithm’.

The free download limit is only tracked per IP address. This means that if youare sharing an IP address with other people, like through a VPN, company networkor a CGNAT network then the download limit is also shared. For free downloads itmakes no difference if you’re logged in to an account or not.

When the limit is exceeded you can still download, but file previews aredisabled and download speed is reduced.


The premium transfer limit works similarly to the free download limit. Thedifferences are that the limit is bound to an account instead of an IP address,and the limit is per 30 days instead of 24 hours. The same sliding window systemstill applies. Any data that was transferred to/from your account between nowand 30 days ago counts towards your limit.

Whenever someone downloads a file from your account it counts toward yourtransfer limit. If you want to limit how much of your transfer cap others canuse then you can configure a limit on the sharing settingspage.

Will premium improve my download speed?

No, the download speed is limited by the stability of the connection betweenyour computer and pixeldrain’s servers. If free downloads are slow (and you havenot exceeded your download limit), then premium will not improve your downloadspeed. Premium only increases how much you can download, not how fast.

If you want to know your maximum download speed from pixeldrain’s servers youcan use our speedtest. The speedtest will always download at thefastest speed possible, even if your download limit has been exceeded.

In order to keep pixeldrain affordable we use the cheapest hosting available.That means that the quality of our network is not always the best. It’s possiblethat your ISP has a bad connection to our ISP which can cause bottlenecks. Weare always working on improving our connectivity.

Is pixeldrain available in every country?

I strive to make pixeldrain as accessible as possible to everyone. Pixeldraindoes not block access from any country or network. Some countries have veryrestricted internet connectivity though. Pixeldrain has been blocked in somelocations in the past and remains blocked in other locations.

The reasons for blocking pixeldrain are usually not clear. The countries thatblock access to pixeldrain rarely specify a reason. When a new block happens Ialways reach out to the ISP or government doing the blocking, but these entitiesare very hard to reach and they rarely reply. If your ISP blocks pixeldrainplease call them and ask them why pixeldrain is blocked. ISPs always listenbetter to their own customers than website operators.

I have a survey that you can use to notify me when an ISP blocks access topixeldrain. If you are having trouble accessing pixeldrain please fill out thesurvey.

Usually a website block can be circumvented by using a different DNS provider.The DNS provider is a service that translates website addresses ( into IP addresses that can be used to connect to a website.These servers are usually operated by your ISP and can be used to censor ormonitor your browsing.

DNS Providers which don’t block pixeldrain

You can find a guide for how to change your DNS server on Google. Just searchfor ‘change dns server windows 11’, or whichever operating system you use.

ProviderIPv4 addresesIPv6 addresses
Cloudflare1.1.1.1,, 2606:4700:4700::1001
Quad99.9.9.9,, 2620:fe::9
Google8.8.8.8,, 2001:4860:4860::8844

Countries where pixeldrain is blocked

From the availability survey I have gathered that pixeldrain is currentlyblocked in the following locations:

  • The Philippines (since 2022-03). I have reached out to PLDT about a dozentimes but they never answer.
  • Egypt (since 2023-03). I have tried reaching out to WE Telecom, but theirwebsite is not available outside egypt and their support address is bouncingmy mails.
  • Italy (since 2024-01). Tried reaching out to their communications office andpolice multiple times, never an answer.
  • India (since 2024-04). Was unable to find a contact address anywhere.

If you live in any of these locations and are having trouble accessingpixeldrain please contact your ISP. I am ready to comply with whateverdemands they have, I just want my website to be accessible again.

Is there a clean pixeldrain logo I can use?

Yes, here’s a high resolution pixeldrain logo with text. The font is calledOrbitron, it was designed by Matt McInerney and uses the Open Font License.

Questions and Answers ~ pixeldrain (1)

And here’s a vector version of just the icon:

Questions and Answers ~ pixeldrain (2)

Can I advertise on pixeldrain?



If you have more questions please try asking them in our support forum onDiscord. Pixeldrain is a one-man operation, Ican’t answer all the e-mails I get. By asking your questions on Discord there’sa chance that someone else can help you. I am also active on Discord myself.

Questions and Answers ~ pixeldrain (2024)
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