Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods (2024)


  • The Scrap Katana mod adds a crafting recipe for a junk material katana, offering a reliable source of katanas.
  • Tactical Weapons adds new melee weapons like a tactical axe, tomahawk, and knife for more variety.
  • The Weapon Condition Indicator mod enhances the UI by displaying weapon durability, preventing unexpected breaks.

Weapons are the key to survival in Project Zomboid. Players need to trim down the local zombie population to get good loot. The vanilla weapons get the job done, but adding variety with mods adds a lot of fun. Some mods focus on melee weapons, and others add only guns, while some do both.


Project Zomboid: 10 Great Places To Find Guns

For players looking to acquire a deadly arsenal of weaponry, they should consider heading to these locations.

This topic will cover a variety of weapon mods to accommodate many player tastes, including some recommended UI mods affecting weapons. A few mods will vastly affect the game's feel by adding a crazy amount of guns, which can be a good thing for gun-loving gamers.

1 Scrap Katana

Mod Focus: Katana Replacement

Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods (2)

The katana is the highest damage-dealing weapon in vanilla Project Zomboid. The crafting mechanics are a core mechanic of the game and will play a larger role in Build 42. Scrap Katana is a mod that adds a crafting recipe for a katana made of junk materials. Players will need to have lvl 3 metalworking, and lvl 2 tailoring and carpentry to craft the weapon.

As for the materials, players will require junk materials such as metal bars, tin cans, screws, and a few other odd-end items, alongside the necessary tools listed on the mod page. The crafted katana uses a unique texture to reflect its background of being a hodgepodge of scrap materials. Players can finally have a reliable source of katanas and actually use the weapon rather than have it up for display.

2 Tactical Weapons [41.65+]

Mod Focus: More Melee Weapons

Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods (3)

Melee weapons will be the bread and butter of taking down zombies for players. Having more melee weapons to choose from gives each player a personal feel for the melee weapon they picked in the apocalypse. Tactical Weapons adds new melee weapons with a tactical aesthetic.


Project Zomboid: 8 Best Melee Weapons, Ranked

Players will rely on melee weapons a lot in Project Zomboid. Fans would do well to get their hands on the following weapons as soon as possible.

New weapons include a tactical axe, a tomahawk, and a knife. Gamers craving an impromptu weapon aesthetic will find the barbed wire ice hockey stick ideal for their taste. If a player wants a larger weapon, they must use the long sword, and pair it with the power armor mod.

3 Weapon Condition Indicator [41.60+]

Mod Focus: UI Tweak

Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods (5)

Having a weapon break during a tense moment can result in an early death. Staying on top of weapon durability is difficult in vanilla, as players must hover over a weapon to see its durability. Weapon Condition Indicator adds the weapon's durability to the UI and is among the most downloaded Project Zomboid mods for its usefulness.

Players can pick from a depleting star or a color bubble for their durability UI feedback. The mod also adds the ability to hover over weapons from the hot bar to view extra information. Ammo count is displayed for equipped weapons on the top left of the screen, preventing players from running out of ammo unexpectedly.

4 Handmade Weapons [41.78]

Mod Focus: Primitive & Simple Craftable Weapons

Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods (6)

The apocalypse will send people reverting to primitive crafting such as a club for bashing in zombie brains. Build 42 will be overhauling the crafting mechanics, but for now, players can have a taste of primitive and medieval weapon crafting with this mod.

A wooden club requires a log and a saw to craft and can be upgraded to a wooden club with 5 nails and a hammer. Carpentry lvl 6 now allows players to craft a handmade baseball bat using two logs, a saw, and a newly added tool, the chisel. Chisels can be found inside loot containers or stuck to a zombie's back.

5 Bow And Arrow

Mod Focus: Simple Bow

Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods (7)

The bow is the ultimate zombie slayer across all video game genres. Silent and deadly, the bow is heavily featured in other zombie games such as The Last Of Us. With the crafting system in Project Zomboid, stockpiling arrows is a player's safest method to stay bite-free.

This mod adds a bow and arrow that are craftable and a rarer compound bow that can only be found. To craft a bow and arrow, players will need a plank, knife, twine, sturdy stick, sharp stone, and duct tape. There is a QoL mod for the Bow And Arrow mod that adds arrows to the loot pool, better crafting recipes, and other QoL changes.

6 Brita's Weapon Pack & GunFighter Mod [2.0]

Mod Focus: Gun Variety

Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods (8)

Both mods need to be installed as one contains the textures, while the other contains the code. The weapon pack mod is multiplayer compatible and provides a ton of options to tweak gameplay settings to match each player's ideal gunplay for Project Zomboid. It's vital to note that this mod adds a slew of ammo types that may confuse players at first.

For gamers seeking to upgrade their weapon selection, these mods will spoil players with options. New weapons vary from various shotguns, a Winchester, SMGs, crossbows, and many AK variants.


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The mod can disable guns manufactured after 1992 when setting up the game for players who care more about immersion over firepower.

Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods (10)
Project Zomboid

November 8, 2013

The Indie Stone

Survival Horror
Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods (2024)


Project Zomboid: 6 Best Weapon Mods? ›

The katana has the highest damage in the game, surpassing all melee and ranged weapons. Usually, one hit from the weapon will eliminate every zombie. The major downside to the weapon is the inability to repair it. Players attached to their katana can find good mods that will allow the weapon to be repaired.

What is the highest damage weapon in zomboid? ›

The katana has the highest damage in the game, surpassing all melee and ranged weapons. Usually, one hit from the weapon will eliminate every zombie. The major downside to the weapon is the inability to repair it. Players attached to their katana can find good mods that will allow the weapon to be repaired.

Where is the best weapon spot in Project Zomboid? ›

In addition, it was deemed necessary to add each entry's location marked on the main map so that players could find them more easily.
  • 6 Police Stations. ...
  • 5 The Military Research Facility. ...
  • 4 Military Checkpoints, Louisville. ...
  • 3 Shooting Range, Valley Station. ...
  • 2 Gun Store, Louisville. ...
  • 1 A.A.Ron Hunting Supply, Louisville.
May 21, 2024

What is the most powerful melee weapon in Project Zomboid? ›

5 Spear With Hunting Knife

Probably the strongest weapon you're capable of crafting in Project Zomboid, this version of the spear makes the best use of the Hunting Knife. The knife itself is a valuable find, being the short blade with the strongest attack power.

Is Katana the best weapon in Project Zomboid? ›

The katana has the highest damage output of any weapon in the game, surpassing all melee weapons and firearms. It can frequently kill zombies in just one hit, and has a good range and attack speed.

What is the best weapon for hordes in pz? ›

An ideal weapon for dealing with hordes, axes are some of the strongest long-blade weapons in the game, with multiple variants at your disposal. You can get your hands on a fire axe, a handaxe, and a wood axe, and there is also the option of crafting your own stone axe with one tree branch and a stone.

What is the most durable weapon in Project Zomboid? ›

The Crowbar has a base 1 in 70 chance to lose durability per hit, it's the most durable weapon in the game by far.

What is the best loot city in Project Zomboid? ›

Louisville - biggest city with most loot and most zombies.

What is the most silent gun in Project Zomboid? ›

Unlike the M1911 Pistol, the M36 can't jam. It also doesn't require magazines but has a slow reload time. This pistol is also the quietest firearm in the game, so to speak. Its noise radius is only 30 tiles, compared to the 70-tile sound of the D-E Pistol.

How rare is Katana Zomboid? ›

Katana on a zombie spawns after 60 days with a low chance (It seems to say 1% but don't take my word on that). You'll have to wait for zombies to respawn, so you'll probably need to clear out an area if the population cap is reached.

What is the most powerful car in Project Zomboid? ›

While most survivors look for a car that helps them overcome the apocalypse, some just have to satisfy their need for speed. If that sounds like you, then give Chevalier Cossette a spin. This sports car has the highest engine power and speed among all cars in Project Zomboid.

What is the best weapon for breaking doors in zomboid? ›

The axe is the most efficient, but other weapons such as a hammer, or baseball bat can also be used. Breaking down a door will create a lot of noise. It is currently not possible to pry open doors with crowbar without the mods. A broken-down door will often return some scrap wood.

Should you use guns in zomboid? ›

With the point of the game being to survive as long as the player possibly can, anything is up for grabs. That being said, some weapons are just better than others. The same is true within the different categories of weapons. There are times when guns are the far better option for survival in Project Zomboid.

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