Turkey summons Swiss envoy over rally it says supported terrorism

Turkey’s foreign ministry summoned Switzerland’s charge d’affairs in Ankara on Saturday to complain about a protest in Bern that it said supported terrorism and included a poster calling for the assassination of President Tayyip Erdogan. Earlier on Saturday several thousand people including Kurdish protesters joined a rally in the Swiss capital calling for a ‘No’ vote in Turkey’s April 16 referendum that could give sweeping powers to Erdogan under a constitutional overhaul. The referendum issue has already badly strained relations between Turkey and several European countries, including Germany, after they banned Turkish ministers from campaigning on their territory for a ‘Yes’ vote in the referendum. Erdogan: Turkey may have Brexit-like referendum on EU The Turkish foreign ministry said it expected […]The post Turkey summons Swiss envoy over rally it says supported terrorism appeared first on aroundworld24.com.
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Moroccan PM says he has agreed coalition with 5 other parties

Moroccan Prime Minster Saad Eddine El Othmani said on Saturday he had agreed to form a coalition government with five other parties, breaking nearly six months of post-election deadlock. Othmani, from the Justice and Development Party (PJD), was appointed as premier last week by Morocco’s King Mohammed VI. He replaced PJD leader Abdelilah Benkirane, whose efforts to form a government following October elections had been frustrated. “The next steps will be deciding on government structure and ministerial appointments,” Othmani told reporters, surrounded by the leaders of the five other parties. “We need to move beyond previous obstacles.” Othmani said the government’s priorities would include reinforcing stability, justice reform, education, rural development and energy. The Moroccan experience: A constitutional escape or […]The post Moroccan PM says he has agreed coalition with 5 other parties appeared first on bestforexmoney.info.The post Moroccan PM says he has agreed coalition with 5 other parties appeared first on Forex news forex trade.
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Video: How to trade Article 50

Brexit is finally hereOn Wednesday March 29, Theresa May will finally trigger Article 50. That sets a two year negotiation period for the UK to leave the European Union. The foreign exchange market has built up an incredibly large short position again....
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Caught On Tape: Trump Rally Turns Violent After Provocations From ‘Counter-Protesters’

Roughly two thousand Trump supporters showed up in Huntington Beach, California yesterday to show their continued support for President Trump in the wake of what was unarguably a really bad week for his nascent administration.  Of course, it didn't take long for the opposition snowflakes to show up to provoke fights in hopes to progress the narrative that Trump supporters are just a bunch of hateful racists.

One of the scuffles was caught on film here:

pepper spraying anti Trump protestor get his due in Huntington Beach pic.twitter.com/IVOdV6n0xZ later arrested / waaaa!

— l b fowler jr md (@lbfjrmd) March 26, 2017


As Reuters points out, the fights broke out after just a dozen or so 'counter-protesters' attempted to block the Trump rally's progression.  In all, at least 4 snowflakes were arrested for illegal use of pepper spray and one for assault and battery...but the Trump supporters are the 'violent' ones, right?

Multiple fights broke out and at least one Trump supporter was doused with pepper spray when pro-Trump demonstrators marching along Bolsa Chica State Beach encountered a small group opposed to the Republican president who had gathered to denounce the rally.


Four counter-protesters were arrested, three for illegal use of pepper spray and one for assault and battery, Kevin Pearsall, a spokesman for the California State Parks Police said on Saturday evening.


The fights appeared to start in the early afternoon when around a dozen anti-Trump protesters dressed in all black refused to move from a bike path to allow a larger group of pro-Trump supporters taking part in the Make America Great Again rally to pass. The confrontation escalated into a fight with more skirmishes quickly breaking out.


At least one person was pepper-sprayed by an anti-Trump protester, Pearsall said. Park police estimated that 2,000 Trump supporters flocked to the stretch of coastline located south of the ocean-side community of Huntington Beach. Around 20 counter-protesters attended, Pearsall said.

Of course, absent the provoked drama, the rally was intended to be a peaceful march along the California beach.

YUGE support in Huntington Beach, CA for Trump https://t.co/dXdFzxFspl #MAGAMARCH pic.twitter.com/JGFhkvaEIg

— Deplorable Serrano (@USSMAGA) March 26, 2017

@realDonaldTrump #MAGA TRUMP rally in Huntington Beach,CA today. What an awesome experience! Many patriotic ppl supporting our POTUS. pic.twitter.com/wcE3QZctUl

— Absolutely TRUMP (@bizbeegirl) March 25, 2017

President Trump March Huntington Beach, CA : MSM won't show this! #MAGA https://t.co/PErin5Ka0x

— Seth Morton (@FiIibuster) March 25, 2017


Meanwhile, supporters got a shout out tweet from President Trump for their efforts.

Thanks you for all of the Trump Rallies today. Amazing support. We will all MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 25, 2017

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Ring The Alarm: UK Entering Meltdown Mode

Last week, the Office for National Statistics released the inflation results for the British economy. Even though most analysts weren’t expecting any huge differences, the numbers (updated until February) paint a completely different picture. In February, the inflation rate increased rather sharply. On a month-on-month basis, the CPI increased by 0.7% (whereas January was a month with deflation). The current YoY inflation rate based on the CPI is 2.3%.‘No big deal’, you might think. But in this case it is.Just one year ago, in February 2016, the annual inflation rate was just 0.3%. This means the inflation rate has almost EIGHTFOLDED in the past year, with a very clear acceleration since October.Source: RBC, ONS DataCould it be worse?Yes, definitely.Not only does the ONS release an update on the CPI numbers, it also releases a RPI update. That’s the Retail Price Index, which basically measures the cost increase of goods and services. And in February, this index revealed some shocking numbers.In just one month, the retail prices of a basket of normal goods and services became 1.1% more expensive. When compared to the results of the previous year, the retail inflation rate is in excess of 3%. That’s right, life has become more than 3% more expensive for the average UK citizen!And this proves how fast and quiet inflation can come back in our lives. Forget about deflation, the only way is up. That’s why the Federal Reserve is hiking the interest rates, and it’s why the ECB has been hinting at a higher benchmark rate as well.But this might actually cause a huge problem in Great Britain. Not only is the inflation increasing – and will the Bank of England undoubtedly have to increase its interest rates again, the total debt in the United Kingdom is increasing. Fast.In fact, several politicians and officials have been ringing the alarm bell, as the savings ratio in the United Kingdom hasn’t been this low since the Global Financial Crisis, and in its latest update, the Office of Budget Responsibility (OBR) has confirmed the savings ratio in the UK has now turned negative.Source: Bank of EnglandIndeed, the British citizens are spending more than they are earning. This means it won’t be just the government debt level which will increase, but the total amount of household debt will increase as well. The average British household has almost 13,000 GBP in debt (on top of the mortgage) and the Office for National Statistics confirmed the total unsecured debt has increased to almost 350 billion pounds.This also means the ratio of unsecured debt as a percentage of the average household income has increased to almost 30%, which is once again the highest ratio since the global financial crisis.Even if you would exclude student debt (although there’s no good reason to do so), the total amount of unsecured debt would be close to 200B GBP, of which 1/3rd is credit card debt. Meanwhile, the total market share of ultra-long mortgages (30 years or longer) is increasing as well.Source: Bank of EnglandThat’s a very worrisome situation; the gross and net debt position of the households is increasing whilst the savings ratio continues to drop. And that’s a deathly combination which can’t end well.> Gold is your best insurance policy against a failing monetary system. Read our Guide to Gold right now, and be prepared!Secular Investor offers a fresh look at investing. We analyze long lasting cycles, coupled with a collection of strategic investments and concrete tips for different types of assets. The methods and strategies are transformed into the Gold & Silver Report and the Commodity Report.
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Pro-Houthi court sentences Yemen president to death for treason

A Yemeni court in territory controlled by the armed Houthi movement sentenced the group’s enemy in a two-year-old civil war President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi and six other top officials in his government to death for “high treason” on Saturday. The decision by a court in the capital Sanaa, reported by the state news agency Saba, which is run by the Houthis, may render more remote the resumption of stalled peace talks to end the conflict which has killed at least 10,000 people. Saudi Arabia and a mostly Gulf Arab military coalition have launched thousands of air strikes and a small number of ground troops to try to dislodge the Houthis and restore Hadi to power. The Houthis, allied to Saudi […]The post Pro-Houthi court sentences Yemen president to death for treason appeared first on aroundworld24.com.
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Buckle Up, the Bank of Japan Has Blown Up the Markets (Again)

If you have been long US stocks since Election night, you have been a Yen bear and nothing else.

Last September the Bank of Japan announced a new policy of targeting a 0% yield on its 10-Year Japanese Government Bonds. Many in the investment community took this to represent a “tightening” of policy.

It was no such thing.

Targeting a 0% rate on 10-Year JGBs opens the door to unlimited currency devaluation as the Bank of Japan prints Yen to buy JGBs.

Note the collapse of the Yen that followed this announcement.

This policy was implemented strictly to devalue the Yen which had been appreciating rapidly due to the BoJ’s policy mistake of implementing NIRP earlier in 2016 (NIRP is highly deflationary as both the BoJ and ECB have discovered).

Since this time, the Yen has been the single largest driving force for the markets, as Gold and Bonds sold off and the $USD and US stocks rallied based on the BoJ’s interventions.

Yen Down=Bonds and Gold down.

Yen down= US stocks up.

If you were trading in any of these assets since September 2016, you were effectively trading the Yen and nothing else.

But this period has ended.

The $USD/Yen pair has taken out critical support. The Yen carry trade has begun to blow up. Yes we will have bounces here and there (like the one late last week) but this trend is OVER.

And stocks are about to play “catch up.”

On that note, we are already preparing our clients for a sharp correction. Market "rigs" such as this never end well.

We just pu

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Yemen’s food crisis – ancient trade route represents a lifeline

Captains of small wooden dhows are carrying food and wares from the United Arab Emirates to war-torn Yemen. But supplies are falling even from this centuries-old Arabian sea route that is one of the last lifelines to a country on the brink of famine. A two-year-old civil war has severely restricted the flow of food into the main Yemeni cargo ports of Hodeidah and Salif on the Red Sea, where all the large grain silos are located. The small wooden boats sailing from souks in the UAE are moving small but vital supplies by making for the smaller ports to the south coast that are of little use to larger vessels – and often sidestepping military inspections that choke traffic […]The post Yemen’s food crisis – ancient trade route represents a lifeline appeared first on bestforexmoney.info.The post Yemen’s food crisis – ancient trade route represents a lifeline appeared first on Forex news forex trade.
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